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Mar 15, 2023

The Janiteers find themselves treading familiar ground on a Saturday afternoon, with familiar faces they've never met. 

Mar 1, 2023

It's Valentine's Day! Do you have a date to the dance? It'd be crazy if you did, cause this is a podcast. But our favorite crew of teenage misfits are headed back to school on a Friday night and things are about to get...super weird.

Feb 15, 2023

Have a seat and get ready for a day in the life of a teen living in Boulder, Colorado in a weird alternate universe with robots and extradimensional technology. The Janiteers investigate the disappearance of a missing teen in order to save the Valentine's Day dance!

Feb 1, 2023

It's time to return to the Season 2 story and rejoin the Janiteers back in Nowhere as they prepare to go on an all-new adventure! They end up somewhere familiar yet different, and discover friendly faces, old rivalries and a whole new mess to clean up. I know that description is vague but I'm trying to avoid spoilers,...

Jan 18, 2023

Ready to go behind the bar in this optional episode and find out what everyone thought of our wild and wacky Interdimensional Six Pack Event? And what the next RPG we visit will be? The answers to your burning questions will be answered and more in this Tales of Nowhere Happy Hour, because it's five o' clock somewhere!