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Dec 22, 2021

Look, some things happened. It involved a train called the Polar...whatever, a kidnapped Santa, and some fire. I'm not exactly sure of all the details, but let's sit around the fire, talk it out, and see if we can't get to the bottom of it.

Dec 8, 2021

Funerals are tough, at least according to my programming. The truth is, I've never been to one. But I've lost people, and I know what that feels like. This is on an entirely different spot on the spectrum as far as funerals go. I don't even know if there's ever been one like this before. Wish I could have seen it.

Nov 24, 2021

The more I learn about this place, the less it feels like home. It's a sad truth, and one I haven't come to terms with yet. But for the first time I'm starting to question my place in the universe. Not something I've ever had to do before. At the very least, I'm glad I have people I trust to guide me along the way....

Nov 10, 2021

Sometimes, there are no words. And it seems almost silly for that time to come around as we watch over this strange little city in the middle of a dying universe...but maybe it's more about the people in that strange little city. If they've come to care enough to try and save it, if they have it in them to change, if...

Oct 27, 2021

I can't believe I'm saying this but for once I'm glad I'm stuck in Nowhere. Don't think I could stand this kind of party. Too high class, too many stuffed shirts. Not that I'm against stuffed shirts. It's just a colloquialism, you understand. And to be honest, I've always wanted to try a crab puff. Maybe I'm not so glad...