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Aug 30, 2017

It's finally time to head into the Underdark. What secrets will the Players find inside? What mysteries will be unveiled? What other questions could you possibly have? Never fear, the answers lie ahead...After a healthy serving of hopefully good-natured ribbing and a not so healthy serving of getting really close to death.

Aug 23, 2017

Deep inside the heart of Ishmarr Castle, The Players discover a captured Drow female. Is she friend? Foe? What does this mean for the King, and the mission he's requested? Well a fight breaks out, I can tell you that much. And some stuff happens with a basket of pastries. And they're all just real, real bad at fighting.

Aug 16, 2017

The long road to Ishmarr gets a lot shorter as The Players finally arrive in the city. Now all they have to do is survive until their audience with the King. But this is no easy task on the streets of Ishmarr, what with the baker's dozens of bakers, countless religions and churches, food that may or may not kill you,...

Aug 10, 2017

After a long night of restless sleep and drunk texting, The Players decide to resupply before heading out to the Kingdom of Ishmarr, with no other choice but to use weapons and armor they'd normally find primitive. It's going to be a long,  difficult road. And hey, what exactly did the Guard Captain mean when he...

Aug 9, 2017

On leaving the Cafe, The Players wind up in a world none of them are familiar with. There are people with strange clothing, entire species that didn't exist in their lives before, and they just happen to arrive on the day a local town is celebrating Market Day. The customs are odd, but at least the food is good. And...